The Malteser Aid Slovakia Board of Directors administer its honorary functions as a legacy to the Order of Malta´s motto: „Defense of the Faith and Assistance to the Poor“ The Board of Directors is during its exercise of powers assisted by Directors of Regional Centers, the Malteser Aid Secretariat and by other organization members and many volunteers.


JUDr. Július Brichta C.G.M – President

Mr. Július Brichta exercise his function as President from May 2014. In his civil life, he has been working as lawyer and attorney for more than 25 years. Mr. Brichta is a member of several national and international associations. He is married and has two children.

Ing. Rudolf Páleš Don. Dev. – Vice President

Mr. Rudolf Páleš is in function of Vice President from November 2015. He is a member of transportation associations ERFA and TE Kreis and a member of The International Club of Austrian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce. In his civil life, he is head of cargo transportation company. Mr. Páleš is married and has four children.

Dr. Tomáš Sklenár Don.Dev.  – Vice President

Mr. Tomáš Sklenár was elected as Vice President in October 2016. In his civil life, works in a field of project financing and business development. He is married and has two children.

Mgr. Peter Kružliak C.G.M. – Secretary

Mr. Peter Kružliak was elected as Secretary of Malteser Aid Slovakia in May 2014. In his civil life, he works as lawyer and attorney.

ThDr. Tibor Ujlacký PhD. - Spokesman


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