Diplomatic Mission in Slovakia

The Sovereign Order of Malta is in its nature a subject of international law. It preserves diplomatic relations with more than 100 countries and the European Union. The Order has a status of permanent observer to the U.N. Order of Malta is elective monarchy.
More information about the Order are available here: Diplomatic relations between the Order of Malta and Slovakia were established in 1992 after the breakup of Czecho-Slovakia. Since then, Slovakia and Order of Malta have their Ambassadors to each other. The relations between both parties are very amicable. The Embassy of the Order of Malta to the Slovak republic has its seat in Bratislava´s
Old Town on Kapitulská street 9. The Embassy has its premises within St. Martin´s Parish and has its accredited diplomatic corps consisting of 5 members. Current Ambassador of Order of Malta to the Slovak republic is Prince Alfred Schönburg-Hartenstein. Main objective of the Embassy is to preserve friendly diplomatic relations with Slovak republic and to supervise Order´s activities in the country, including all Malteser Aid Slovakia´s activities.

Maltézsky rád Slovensko

Kapitulská 9, 81101 Bratislava, Tel./Fax: +421 2 5413 1296, e-mail: info@orderofmalta.sk