Prince Alfred Schönburg-Hartenstein

Extraordinary and Ambassador Plenipotentiary of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the Slovak republic

Prince Alfred Schönburg-Hartenstein is an Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta from September 6, 2016, when he handed over him the credential letters from Grand Master Fra´ Matthew Festing to the hands of The President of the Slovak republic Andrej Kiska. As an Ambassador, he succeeded his predecessor J.E. Dr. Ottokar Finsterwalder.

Prince Alfred Schönburg-Hartenstein was born in 1953. He has been married to his wife Maria Theresa Kastner-Lanjus- Wellenburg since 1978, with whom he has four children.

He studied Law at University of Vienna in Austria and before working on Order of Malta´s diplomatic affairs, he was administering several leading positions in international insurance companies. Prince Alfred Schönburg-Hartenstein is also a member of several professional chambers and associations. From 2007, he is the president of German Nobility Association.

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