“The action of helping one’s neighbour is an integral part of active citizenship today and of conscious participation in social development. Many of the Order of Malta’s charitable projects are run by volunteers: men and women who when faced with the suffering of this world want to make a difference through their own efforts. They are a splendid resource and a reason for hope in the future, as are all those who practice Christ’s most fundamental commandment ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’, regardless of their nationality, what they believe in, or how wealthy, or poor,
they are.”

Fra´ Matthew Festing, Grand Master


he diversity of the Order of Malta’s projects ensures that there are opportunities for all

The Order of Malta counts on 80,000 dedicated volunteers for the successful running of many of its projects across the world. Year-on- year they care for the homeless living in isolation in cities, assist refugees arriving on European shores, provide first-aid and organise medical and social campaigns, respond to victims of natural disasters, accompany disabled guests on pilgrimages and summer camps, support the elderly housebound and prepare nourishing food for people living in poverty in bitter winters. Two of the biggest events of the year are the Lourdes pilgrimage, where over 7,000 participants travel to the Marian shrine, and the International Summer Camp for Young Disabled, running for over 30 years in different European countries. Volunteers from across the world join forces to care for their disabled guests and to meet friends old and new. Many national camps are also run across Europe and Lebanon. Local activities take place year-round with projects expanding and new ideas and collaborations emerging.


Spirit of volunteering

These 80,000 permanent volunteers include people of all ages, nationalities and faiths, inspired by the principles of the Order of Malta to serve the needy and the forgotten under the eight- pointed cross. Opening oneself up to others nourishes the spirit of new generations, encouraging their growth as people and as citizens. It is a phenomenon that the Order’s volunteers experience at first hand, through the many projects and schemes where young people work alongside professionals: men and women who, thanks to their efforts, will become enriched and more socially conscious in the future.
The Order of Malta runs first-aid and ambulance corps in 33 countries that rely largely on the dedication of volunteers. The diversity of our worldwide projects ensures that there are opportunities for everyone. In addition to our permanent volunteers, there are those who are involved on a temporary basis on special projects. If you are interested in volunteering for one of the Order’s projects please contact the Association or Volunteer Corps in your country.


Vision 2050

Supporting the Priories, Associations and Relief Services of the Order, Vision 2050 invites young people to enter the world of volunteering and become part of the Order of Malta's extended family.

To learn more, visit the website of Vision 2050, the Order of Malta’s global youth volunteering platform and discover the Order’s youth activities worldwide.

Vision 2050 helps the Order of Malta’s young members and volunteers find exciting projects for them and their friends at every stage of life. Jobs, internships or volunteering weekly, for a weekend, in the summer holidays or longer – no matter when and where, you can have amazing experiences, develop skills, and make friends whilst you are there for those in need.

Don’t wait and have a look at www.orderofmaltavision2050.com 

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