Order of Malta Church in Slovakia – The Holy Trinity Church – Outer Downtown, Bratislava, Old Town

The Holy Trinity Church is located on Žižkova ulica in Outer Downtown in Bratislava´s Old Town neighborhood. This Church has been bestowed to Order of Malta (represented by its Ambassador) in Slovakia by the Decree of Mons. Stanislav Zvolenský, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Bratislava. The Church will serve as spiritual center to members of the Order of Malta and its volunteers and supporters.

Holy Masses:

Sunday                                                          8 a.m. │ 5 p.m.

Week (every day)                                        5 p.m.

Saturady (Vigil Mass)                                 5 p.m.

Holy Days of Obligation                            5 p.m.

Special Holy Mass for members of the Order and volunteers of Malteser Aid is celebrated at 10:30 a.m. on each first Sunday during the month.

About the Church:

The Holy Trinity Church is baroque sacral building in Outer Downtown located in Bratislava´s Old City. This little church, dated to 18 th century, is one of the few buildings of famous Zuckermandel neighborhood, that has escaped from wide regime demolitions in 1960s. The Church has been serving as a filial church of St. Martin´s Parish untill present.



In 13 th century, first two settlements began to arise on the southern side of the Castle Hill. The first settlement - on eastside – is named, according to locals, after the creek valley Vydrica, from which their ancestors were relocated. The second settlement emerged on westside and got name Zuckermandel. In short time, both settlements became Bratislava´s neighborhoods, where lower classes usually lived. The neighborhood was framed by two main streets – Veľká a Malá Vydrica (Grosse Weidritz and Kleine Weidritz).

The neighborhood extended from Water Tower (located by the river Danude just under the Castle) to Old Jewish Cemetry located by the modern-day tram tunnel. In 1713, on the eastside of the neighborhood, old wooden chapel was built as a sign of gratitude for fighting the plague, which ended spreading in the city the same year. After 20 years, in 1734, construction of new church started. On May 18 th 1738, the new church has been consecrated. It is assumed, that the construction of this church is the result of evangelization efforts ofalso presumed, that famous baroque architect Franz Anton Pilgram made his contribution to the architecture of the building.

The Holy Trinity Church preserves traditional Christian scheme, that is the East-to- West Orientation. In 19 th century, the parish building has been added to the eastern side of the church. The church´s yard is accessible through the small passage, which has on both sides statues of St. John the Nepomuk and St. Florian. In the yard, you can find a stone crucifix. In 1908, on 20 th anniversary of death of very famous and popular local parish priest Karol Scherz (1807-1888), a special memory bronze plate was added as a reminder to his honor and good deeds.

Although the Church is quite modest, one of the most interesting parts is its forefront with main entrance. In vertical direction, the forefront is ended by attic and tympanum; the church´s main dominance is however its tower having four clocks from each of its sides. Statues of St. Michael (patron of bargemen) and St. Florian (patron of firefighters) are on both sides of the front façade.

The interior itself is modest andconsists of one nave, small presbyterium and organ empora. Main altar is situated in the presbyterium and consists only from altar table. Over the main altar is situated the plastic of Holy Trinity. By the sides of the altar table are situated the statues of Sts. Roch and Sebastien, the patrons against the sea. It is presumed, that they come from the Georg Rafael Donner´s manufactory. Statues of Virgin Mary and Jesus are in arc ´s niches.

Other interesting pieces of art are the tabernacle, marble baptistery and the painting depicting St. Constantine and Methodius.



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