“The best exercise for the human heart is reaching down to lift someone else up...”

Malteser Aid Slovakia is the only official executive charity organizations of the Order of Malta operating in Slovak Republic.

Its activities consist mainly of social care, medical services on various church events, preschooling of Roma children and aid for refugees.

Malteser Aid Slovakia helps people regardless their race, faith, social group or ethnicity following the principles of the Catholic Church and the Gospel that call us to love and good deeds.

Malteser Aid is financed by the donation of its members, state contributions as well as generous gifts from sponsors. It runs its activities and projects in six centers across Slovakia and annually delivers help and hope to people in margins.

For more information on Malteser Aid Slovakia´s project, read HERE.

Maltézsky rád Slovensko

Kapitulská 9, 81101 Bratislava, Tel./Fax: +421 2 5413 1296, e-mail: