Malteser Aid Slovakia offers a room for volunteers determined to serve to the poor, to the sick and to the suffering.

We are looking for those, who can listen, who can offer their time and who are willing to and able to help others. We need only those volunteers, who are serious about their commitment to serve.

The conditions to become a volunteer of Malteser Aid Slovakia are good health, personal integrity and positive attitude towards the Order of Malta and its values.

Before filling the application form for becoming a registered volunteer, interested person is given an exam period of one year as unregistered volunteer, during which he/she can, without any biding, try volunteering at Malteser Aid Slovakia in one or more of its projects. After the one year exam period and fulfilling the conditions (first aid course, going through various trainings, recommendation from other members, etc.), the volunteer may ask the Committee for Admission for registered volunteership in our organization. Registered Volunteer, after admission, becomes a regular and official member of Malteser Aid Slovakia (do not confuse with Order of Malta) and is entitled to wear the official Malteser Aid Slovakia uniform. Registered Volunteer is also a member of the body of 80,000 registered volunteers serving the needy under the banners of the Order of Malta.

For more information about volunteering, please, contact Secretariat of Malteser Aid Slovakia or fill the Contact Form.

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